Synonyms of judgement in English:



  • 1 the incident showed the extent to which his temper could affect his judgement
    discernment, acumen, shrewdness, astuteness, common sense, good sense, sense, perception, perspicacity, percipience, penetration, acuity, discrimination, wisdom, wit, native wit, judiciousness, prudence, sagacity, understanding, intelligence, awareness, canniness, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, cleverness, powers of reasoning, reason, logic
    informal nous, savvy, know-how, horse sense, gumption, grey matter
    British informal common
    North American informal smarts
    rare sapience, arguteness
  • 2 a county-court judgement
    verdict, decision, adjudication, ruling, pronouncement, decree, finding, conclusion, determination; sentence
  • 3 the critical judgement of work by artists and designers
  • 4 the crash had been a judgement on them for their wickedness
    punishment, retribution, penalty; just deserts
  • Phrases

    against one's better judgement

    reluctantlyunwillinglygrudginglyunder protestdespite oneself

    in my judgement

    in my judgement, such things should be forbiddenin my opinionto my mindin my viewto my way of thinkingI believeI thinkas I see itif you ask mepersonallyin my bookfor my moneyin my estimation

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