Synonyms of judgement in English:



  • 1 the incident showed the extent to which his temper could affect his judgement
    informal nous, savvy, know-how, horse sense, gumption, grey matter
    British informal common
    North American informal smarts
    rare sapience, arguteness
  • 2 a county-court judgement
    verdict, decision, adjudication, ruling, pronouncement, decree, finding, conclusion, determination;
  • 3 the critical judgement of work by artists and designers
  • 4 the crash had been a judgement on them for their wickedness
    punishment, retribution, penalty;
    just deserts
  • Phrases

    against one's better judgement

    reluctantly, unwillingly, grudgingly, under protest;

    in my judgement

    in my judgement, such things should be forbidden
    in my opinion, to my mind, in my view, to my way of thinking, I believe, I think, as I see it, if you ask me, personally, in my book, for my money, in my estimation

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