Synonyms of keen in English:

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keen 1


  • 1 his publishers were keen to capitalize on his success
    eager, anxious, impatient, determined, desirous, longing, wishing, itching, dying, yearning, ambitious, ready;
    intent on
    informal raring
    [Antonyms] reluctant
  • 2 I had been a keen birdwatcher since I was a boy
    willing, conscientious, committed, dedicated;
    diligent, earnest, industrious, assiduous, intent
    [Antonyms] apathetic, half-hearted
  • 3 her sisters are keen on horses he had a girl in Kentucky he was keen on
    enthusiastic about, interested in, passionate about, fascinated by;
    attracted to, fond of, taken with, smitten with, enamoured of, attached to, devoted to, infatuated with;
    eager for, hungry for
    informal struck on, sweet on, gone on, mad about, crazy about, nuts about, into
    North American informal twitterpated by
    [Antonyms] unenthusiastic, indifferent
  • 4 a keen cutting edge
    sharp, sharp-edged, sharpened, honed, razor-like, razor-sharp, whetted, fine-edged
    [Antonyms] blunt
  • 5 nimble fingers and keen eyesight are required for the work
    acute, sharp, penetrating, discerning, sensitive, perceptive, piercing, clear, observant;
    [Antonyms] weak, defective
  • 6 an able administrator with a keen mind
    [Antonyms] dull, stupid
  • 7 the magazines are spoken of with keen derision
    [Antonyms] gentle, mild
  • 8 a keen wind cut through their coats
    penetrating, piercing, biting, sharp, stinging
  • 9 there is keen competition for places on these committees a keen sense of duty
    intense, acute, extreme, fierce, violent, passionate, consuming, burning, fervent, fervid, ardent;
    strong, powerful, profound, deep-seated
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    keen, eager, enthusiastic, avid
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    keen, acute, penetrating
    Keen is used of sensitive and powerful perception, both physical and mental ( his keen hearing caught the whirring of the tape | he enjoyed exercising his keen intellect in analysing the controversies of the day); when applied to someone's eyes, it often suggests an appearance of alertness and perceptiveness as well as actual power ( his keen eyes went from Thomas to Ralf). The impressions or attitudes resulting from keen mental perception are intense ( young people show a keen awareness of animal welfare | lawyers with a keen sense of the value of good political connections).Someone whose physical or mental perception is acute can detect small details that are not readily apparent to others ( young children have a particularly acute sense of smell | Simon's vague manner concealed an agile and acute mind). An acute observer can produce acute criticism, identifying central issues and making perceptive points about them. Intense and insistent emotion may be described as acute ( acute grief at the loss of her parents).Penetrating eyes may or may not have good sight, but they look as though they can see through you ( she was unable to meet his penetrating eyes). A penetrating mind enables one to see deeply into a problem and think up penetrating questions, calculated to reveal important truths.
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    Synonyms of keen in English:

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    keen 2


  • the bereaved gathered around the graves to keen
    lament, mourn, weep, cry, sob, sorrow, grieve;
    Scottish  greet
    archaic plain
    rare ululate
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