Synonyms of keep in English:

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keep 1


  • 1 he kept the ball as a memento of the match you should keep all the old forms
    retain, hold on to, keep for oneself, retain possession of, keep possession of, retain in one's possession, keep hold of, not part with, hold fast to, hold back;
    save, store, store up, save up, hoard, put by, put aside, lay aside, set aside, reserve, keep in reserve, lay down;
    collect, accumulate, amass, pile up, stockpile, garner;
    North American  set something by
    [Antonyms] lose, throw away
  • 2 I was trying desperately to keep calm
    remain, continue to be, stay, carry on being, go on being, persist in being, not cease to be
  • 3 he keeps going on about the murder
    persist in, go on, keep on, carry on, continue, do something constantly, do something incessantly, do something continually, not stop doing something, persevere
    [Antonyms] give up, stop
  • 4 I shan't keep you long
    detain, cause to stay, cause to wait, keep waiting, keep back, hold back, restrain;
    delay, hold up, retard, make late, set back, slow down, slow up, hinder, obstruct, check, impede, block, hamper, constrain
  • 5 he had to keep his promise some people kept the rules and some never tried
    comply with, obey, respect, observe, conform to, abide by, stick to, act in accordance with, act according to, have regard to, heed, follow, pay attention to, defer to, take notice of;
    fulfil, carry out, act on, make good, be bound by, honour, keep to, redeem, keep faith with, stand by, adhere to;
    execute, discharge, perform
    rare effectuate
    [Antonyms] break, disobey
  • 6 I like to keep the old traditions
    preserve, keep alive, keep going, continue, keep up, carry on, hold on to, perpetuate, maintain, uphold, sustain, conserve, cherish, nurture
    [Antonyms] abandon, discard
  • 7 the stand where her umbrella was kept
    store, house, stow, keep a place for, put away, place, put, deposit, stack, pile
  • 8 the shop keeps a good stock of parchment
    stock, have in stock, carry, have, have for sale, hold, sell, deal in, trade in, handle, market, supply, provide, offer for sale
  • 9 he has to steal to keep his family
    provide for, support, provide food for, provide sustenance for, provide board for, feed, keep alive, maintain, sustain, subsidize, finance;
  • 10 she kept rabbits in the back garden
    breed, rear, raise, farm;
    own, have as a pet, keep as a pet, look after, tend
  • 11 his parents kept a shop
    manage, run, own, be the proprietor of, be in charge of, administer, organize, direct, keep up, maintain, operate, look after, superintend
  • 12 the boy keeps the sheep ‘God keep you,’ he muttered
    tend, look after, care for, take care of, mind, watch over, have charge of, be responsible for;
    protect, keep safe, keep from harm, preserve, defend, guard, shield, shelter, safeguard, save
  • 13 today's consumers do not keep the Sabbath
    observe, respect, honour, hold sacred, recognize, acknowledge;
    celebrate, mark, solemnize, ritualize, ceremonialize, commemorate
    [Antonyms] ignore, neglect
  • Phrases

    keep at
    start work early and keep at it
    [Antonyms] give up
    persevere with, persist with, be persistent in, keep going with, keep on at, be pertinacious in, show determination in, be resolute in, be steadfast in, not give up, not cease from, not falter in, carry on with, press on with, work away at, continue with, see through, struggle on with
    informal stick at, soldier on with, slave away at, peg away at, plug away at, hammer away at, bash on with, plough through
    keep something back
  • 1 every week she kept back a portion of the money he gave her
    reserve, keep in reserve, put by, save, save up, store up, put aside, lay aside, set aside, hoard, treasure;
    retain, hold back, keep, keep for oneself, hold on to, not part with, keep in one's possession;
    North American  set by
    informal keep for a rainy day, stash away
  • 2 she kept back the details from Ann
    conceal, keep secret, keep hidden, hide, withhold, suppress, keep quiet about, not tell, not reveal, not divulge, hush up
    [Antonyms] disclose, divulge
  • 3 she could hardly keep back her tears
    suppress, stifle, withhold, choke back, fight back, hold back/in, restrain, repress, check, keep in check, keep under control, contain, curb, smother, swallow, bottle up, bite back
    [Antonyms] let out
  • keep from
    Dinah bit her lip to keep from screaming
    refrain from, stop oneself, restrain oneself from, prevent oneself from, manage not to, forbear from, resist the temptation to, forgo, avoid
    keep someone from something
  • 1 worry kept her from sleeping he could hardly keep himself from laughing
    prevent, stop, hinder, impede, hamper;
    restrain, check, curb, hold back, halt
    [Antonyms] enable, allow
  • 2 keep him from harm
    preserve, protect, keep safe, afford protection to, guard, shield, shelter, save, safeguard, secure, defend
    [Antonyms] endanger
  • keep something from someone
    now you know what your mother tried to keep from you
    [Antonyms] tell, divulge
    keep secret, keep hidden, hide, conceal, withhold, hush up, not tell, suppress, censor, redact
    informal keep dark, not breathe a word of
    keep off
  • 1 he'd tell the boy to keep off private land
    stay off, not enter, keep away from, stay away from, not trespass on, remain at a distance from, not go near
    [Antonyms] enter
  • 2 Maud tried to keep off political subjects
    avoid, steer clear of, stay away from, shun, evade, skirt round, sidestep, dodge, pass over, bypass
    informal duck
    [Antonyms] raise, mention
  • 3 the first thing she told me was to keep off alcohol
    abstain from, go without, do without, renounce, refrain from, give up, forgo, forswear, resist, turn aside from, swear off, not touch
    informal quit
    [Antonyms] take up
  • 4 it'll be great if the rain keeps off
    stay away, hold off, not start, not begin, not come, not happen
    [Antonyms] start
  • keep on
  • 1 they preferred to keep on working
    continue, go on, carry on, persist in, persevere in, keep going with;
    soldier on, struggle on, see something through
    [Antonyms] stop
  • 2 the commander kept on about vigilance
    talk constantly, talk endlessly, talk repeatedly, keep talking, go on, go on talking, go on and on, dwell on the subject, refer to repeatedly, repeat oneself, ramble on, rant on
    informal harp on, witter on, rabbit on
  • keep someone on
    the boss decided to keep the man on
    [Antonyms] dismiss
    continue to employ, keep employing, carry on employing, retain in one's service, not dismiss, not sack, keep in one's employ, retain the services of
    keep on at
    they kept on at him to hurry up
    nag, go on at, keep at, harp on at, badger, chivvy, harass, hound, bully, pester, scold
    informal hassle
    North American informal ride
    keep someone/something out
    the doors are closed to keep out any unwelcome visitors
    [Antonyms] accept, admit
    exclude, deny access to, shut out, debar, disbar, bar, ban, prohibit, put an embargo on, embargo;
    reject, blackball, ostracize, banish;
    cut out, freeze out;
    British  send to Coventry
    keep to
  • 1 I've got to keep to the rules
    obey, abide by, observe, follow, comply with, adhere to, act in accordance with, conform to, be governed by, respect, defer to;
    honour, keep, fulfil, act on, stand by, stick to, be bound by, be true to, keep faith with, make good, carry out
  • 2 keep to the path by the hedge
    follow, follow closely, stick to, stay on
    [Antonyms] stray from
  • 3 speakers should keep to the point
    stick to, restrict oneself to, confine oneself to
    [Antonyms] deviate from
  • keep someone under
    the local people are kept under by the army
    keep in subjection, keep in submission, hold down, keep down, keep under one's thumb, subdue, subject, suppress, repress, oppress, tyrannize over, tyrannize
    informal squash, squelch, trample on
    keep up
    he had to run to keep up
    [Antonyms] lag behind
    keep pace, keep abreast
    keep something up
    keep up the good work she kept up a continuous conversation
    [Antonyms] cease from
    continue, keep on with, continue with, go on with, carry on with, persist with, persevere with;
    maintain, carry on, keep going, sustain
    keep up with
  • 1 she walked fast to keep up with him
    keep pace with, keep abreast of;
    rival, challenge, compete with, vie with, match, touch, equal
    [Antonyms] lag behind
  • 2 even while travelling he kept up with events at home
    keep informed about, keep up to date with, keep in touch with, not lose track of, keep abreast of, keep an eye on, learn about, retain an interest in
    [Antonyms] lose touch with
  • 3 they kept up with him by means of Christmas cards
    remain in contact with, stay in touch with, maintain contact with, remain in correspondence with, remain in communication with, keep up one's friendship with, remain acquainted with
    [Antonyms] lose touch with
  • noun

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  • he had no money to pay for his keep
    maintenance, upkeep, support, sustenance, subsistence, board, board and lodging, food, nourishment, nurture;
  • Phrases

    for keeps
    informal his performance earned him the trophy for keeps
    [Antonyms] temporarily, for the time being
    forever, for ever, for all time, for ever and ever, for always, once and for all, for good, for good and all, permanently, in perpetuity;
    North American  forevermore
    informal until kingdom come, until hell freezes over, until doomsday
    archaic for aye
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    Synonyms of keep in English:

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    keep 2


  • enemies storming the keep
    fortress, fort, stronghold, tower, donjon, castle, citadel, bastion, fortification, fastness
    archaic hold, dungeon
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