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Synonyms of land in English:


  • 1 Lyme Park has 1323 acres of land a campaign to ban fox hunting on publicly owned land
    grounds, ground, fields, open space, open area;
    property, acres, acreage, estate, estate, lands, realty, real property, real estate, landholding, holding;
    unbuilt land, rural area, green area, green belt
    archaic demesne
  • 2 a small patch of fertile land
    soil, earth, loam, sod, dirt, clay, turf, topsoil, humus, marl
  • 3 (the land) so many people are leaving the land and going to work in the city
    the countryside, the country, rural areas, farmland, agricultural land
  • 4 Tunisia is a land of variety
    country, nation, state, nation state, fatherland, motherland, homeland, realm, kingdom, empire, republic, commonwealth, province, territory, district, region, area, domain
  • 5 the lookout sighted land at last
    terra firma, dry land, solid ground;
    [Antonyms] sea
  • verb

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  • 1 Allied troops had landed in France
    disembark, reach the shore, go ashore, debark, alight, get off;
    [Antonyms] embark
  • 2 the ship landed at Le Havre
    berth, dock, moor, anchor, drop anchor, tie up, beach, put in, reach the shore, come in to land;
    [Antonyms] put to sea, sail, depart
  • 3 their plane landed at Chicago airport
    touch down, alight, make a landing, come in to land, come down, come to rest, arrive
    [Antonyms] take off
  • 4 a bird landed on the window sill
    [Antonyms] fly off
  • 5 landing a plane was no problem for me
    bring down, make a landing, put down, take down
  • 6 informal Nick had landed the job of editor
    obtain, get, acquire, procure, secure, be appointed to, gain, net, win, earn, achieve, attain, bag, come by, draw, pick up;
    carry off, catch, capture, grab, hook
    informal get/lay one's hands on, get hold of, get one's mitts on, score, swing, nab, collar, pull down
    British informal blag
  • 7 informal that habit landed her in juvenile custody
    bring, lead, drive, cause to be in, cause to arrive in
  • 8 informal she hoped he wouldn't land her with the bill
    burden, saddle, encumber, trouble, tax, load
    informal dump something on someone
    British informal lumber
  • 9 informal John tried to land a punch on Brian's chin
    inflict, deal, deliver, administer, deposit, dispense, give, catch, mete out
    informal fetch
  • Phrases

    land up
    many of them land up in prison
    finish up, arrive, find oneself, end up, turn up, come, go, appear
    informal wind up, fetch up, show up, roll up, blow in

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