Synonyms of land in English:



  • 1 Lyme Park has 1323 acres of land a campaign to ban fox hunting on publicly owned land
    grounds, ground, fields, open space, open area; property, acres, acreage, estate, estate, lands, realty, real property, real estate, landholding, holding; countryside; unbuilt land, rural area, green area, green belt
    archaic demesne
  • 2 a small patch of fertile land
    soil, earth, loam, sod, dirt, clay, turf, topsoil, humus, marl
  • 3 (the land) so many people are leaving the land and going to work in the city
    the countryside, the country, rural areas, farmland, agricultural land
  • 4 Tunisia is a land of variety
    country, nation, state, nation state, fatherland, motherland, homeland, realm, kingdom, empire, republic, commonwealth, province, territory, district, region, area, domain
  • 5 the lookout sighted land at last
    terra firma, dry land, solid ground; coast, coastline, shore
    [Antonyms] sea
  • verb

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  • 1 Allied troops had landed in France
    disembark, reach the shore, go ashore, debark, alight, get off; arrive
    [Antonyms] embark
  • 2 the ship landed at Le Havre
    berth, dock, moor, anchor, drop anchor, tie up, beach, put in, reach the shore, come in to land; arrive
    [Antonyms] put to sea sail depart
  • 3 their plane landed at Chicago airport
    touch down, alight, make a landing, come in to land, come down, come to rest, arrive
    [Antonyms] take off
  • 4 a bird landed on the window sill
    [Antonyms] fly off
  • 5 landing a plane was no problem for me
    bring down, make a landing, put down, take down
  • 6 informal Nick had landed the job of editor
    obtain, get, acquire, procure, secure, be appointed to, gain, net, win, earn, achieve, attain, bag, come by, draw, pick up; carry off, catch, capture, grab, hook
    informal get/lay one's hands on, get hold of, get one's mitts on, score, swing, nab, collar, pull down
    British informal blag
  • 7 informal that habit landed her in juvenile custody
    bring, lead, drive, cause to be in, cause to arrive in
  • 8 informal she hoped he wouldn't land her with the bill
    burden, saddle, encumber, trouble, tax, load
    informal dump something on someone
    British informal lumber
  • 9 informal John tried to land a punch on Brian's chin
    inflict, deal, deliver, administer, deposit, dispense, give, catch, mete out
    informal fetch
  • Phrases

    land up

    many of them land up in prisonfinish uparrivefind oneselfend upturn upcomegoappear informalwind upfetch upshow uproll upblow in

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