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Synonyms of languid in English:


  • 1 his languid demeanour irritated her a languid wave of the hand
    [Antonyms] energetic, active
  • 2 languid days in the Italian sun
    leisurely, peaceful, languorous, relaxed, restful, lazy
    [Antonyms] energetic, action-packed
  • 3 pale, languid individuals
    [Antonyms] energetic, vigorous
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    languid, lethargic, listless
    These words are all used of people who are (or appear to be) lacking in enthusiasm or energy.Languid is typically used to describe someone other than oneself, or their movements or a part of their body ( the languid and willowy pre-Raphaelite heroine | she lifted a languid hand to push back her flowing hair). It represents how they appear to an observer rather than how they actually feel. It is typically an attractive quality.Lethargic is more commonly used to describe a person's own feeling of lacking energy ( he felt lethargic, unable for the moment to move). It is more common to say that one feels lethargic than that one feels languid or listless, the implication being that lethargy tends to be something that one can observe in oneself, while languor and listlessness are more often observed in others.A person described as listless usually lacks both energy and interest in their surroundings, the suggestion being that their malaise is psychological as well as physical ( a desperate young woman clutching a pale, listless child | she saw youngsters sitting listless and dejected outside their homes).
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