Synonyms of lap in English:



  • Henry was sitting on his gran's lap
  • Phrases

    in the lap of the gods

    the result is in the lap of the gods nowout of one's handsbeyond one's controlin the hands of fateopen to chancenot one's responsibility

    live in the lap of luxury

    Katie was living in the lap of luxury in Parislead a very comfortable lifebe very richwant for nothinglive off the fat of the land informallive the life of RileyIrish informalbe on the pig's backNorth American informallive high on the hog

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    Synonyms of lap in English:



  • Nicky led the race for eight laps
    circuit, leg, stretch, tour, circle, revolution, round, part, portion, segment, section, stage, phase, step, loop
  • verb

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  • 1 she raced around the track, lapping some of the other runners
    overtake, overhaul, outstrip, outdistance, leave behind, pass, go past, get/pull ahead of; catch up with
  • 2 he was lapped in blankets
    wrap, swathe, cover, envelop, enfold, encase, wind, swaddle, twist, surround
  • Definition of lap in:

    Synonyms of lap in English:



  • 1 the sound of waves lapping against the sea wall
    splash, wash, swish, slap, slosh, break, purl; beat, strike, dash, surge, rush, ripple, roll, flow
    literary plash
  • 2 the dog lapped water out of a puddle
    drink, lick up, sip, sup, swallow, slurp, gulp, swill, suck
  • Phrases

    lap something up

    he was lapping up the accoladesrelishrevel insavourdelight inluxuriate inbask inwallow inglory inenjoyindulge in

    Definition of lap in: