Synonyms of leaf in English:



  • 1 sycamore leaves
    frond; flag, needle, pad, blade, bract, leaflet
    technical cotyledon, foliole
  • 2 as he handled the book, a sheaf of loose leaves fell from the back
  • Phrases

    turn over a new leaf

    I see fatherhood as a chance to turn over a new leaf
    [Antonyms] backslide
    reformimproveamendmend one's waysbecome a better personchange completelymake a fresh startchange for the betterreconstruct oneself informalgo straightget back on the straight and narrow


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  • 1 he leafed through a pile of documents
    flick, flip, thumb, skim, browse, glance, look, riffle; read, scan, dip into, run one's eye over, have a look at, peruse
  • 2 many plants need a period of dormancy before they leaf and flower
    put out leaves, bud, burst into leaves
    rare foliate
  • Word links

    phyllo- related prefix, as in phylloxera
    -phyll related suffix, as in chlorophyll
    foliar relating to leaves
    foliaceous resembling leaves
    foliate decorated like leaves
    folivorous, phyllophagous leaf-eating

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