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Synonyms of leak in English:


  • 1 oil leaking from the tanker
    seep (out), escape, ooze (out), exude, discharge, emanate, issue, drip, dribble, drain, bleed;
    spill, stream, gush (out), spurt, spout, squirt, spew, jet
  • 2 ageing underground tanks are leaking gasoline into the area
    discharge, exude, emit, eject, release, drip, dribble, pour out, send forth, ooze, excrete, secrete
  • 3 informal civil servants who leak information are criticized by politicians for a breach of trust
    disclose, divulge, reveal, make known, make public, tell, impart, pass on, relate, communicate, expose, broadcast, publish, release, unveil, give away, betray, admit, confess, let slip, blurt out, bring into the open, bring to light;
    informal take the lid off, blow wide open, blab, let the cat out of the bag, spill the beans, blow the gaff
  • noun

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  • 1 check that there are no leaks in the bag
    hole, opening, puncture, perforation, prick, cut, gash, slit, nick, rent, break, rift, crack, crevice, chink, fissure, rupture, aperture
  • 2 a gas leak was discovered
    discharge, leakage, leaking, oozing, seeping, seepage, drip, percolation;
    escape, gush, issue, flow, outflow, emanation
    technical efflux
  • 3 informal a series of leaks to the media
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