Synonyms of leg in English:



  • 1 he broke his leg in a football match
    lower limb, shank; limb, member
    technical crus
    informal stump, peg, pin
  • 2 a gilded table leg
    upright, support, prop, brace, underpinning, column
  • 3 the first leg of a European tour
    part, stage, portion, segment, section, bit, phase, stretch, lap, step, instalment; passage, subdivision, subsection, juncture
  • Phrases

    give someone a leg up

    parents want to give their kids a leg up in the worldhelp/assist someoneact as someone's supportgive someone assistancelend someone a helping handcome to someone's aidgive someone a boostboostadvanceraisekick-startgive someone a flying start

    on its last legs

  • 1 your car looked as though it was on its last legs
    dilapidated, worn out, rickety, about to break, about to fall apart, about to collapse
    [Antonyms] in good condition
  • 2 a foundry business that was on its last legs
    about to fail, failing, about to go bankrupt, near to ruin, going to the wall
    informal going bust, going down the toilet
    [Antonyms] thriving
  • pull someone's leg

    it's all right, Robbie, I was only pulling your legteaseragmake fun ofchafftrickjoke withplay a joke onplay a trick onplay a practical joke ontauntjesthoaxfooldeceivemisguidelead onhoodwinkdupebeguilegull informalkidhave onribwind uptake for a ridelead up the garden pathtake the mickey out ofmake a monkey out ofNorth American informalput on

    stretch one's legs

    after two days on the bus we were glad of the chance to stretch our legsgo for a walktake a walkgo for a strollwalkstrollmove aboutpromenadeget some exerciseget some airtake the air


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    leg it

  • 1 if the dog starts growling, leg it!
    run away, run, flee, make off, make a break for it, escape, hurry, decamp
    informal hightail it, hotfoot it, make a run for it, make tracks, cut and run, skedaddle, vamoose, show a clean pair of heels, split, scoot, scram, hook it
    British informal scarper, do a runner, have it away (on one's toes), get cracking, get a move on
    [Antonyms] stay
  • 2 I am part of a sales team legging it around London
    walk, march, tramp, trek, trudge, plod, wander, ramble, go on foot
    informal go on Shanks's pony
  • informal

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