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Synonyms of lend in English:


  • 1 I'll lend you my towel
    loan, give someone the loan of, let someone use, let someone have the use of;
    British informal sub
    [Antonyms] borrow, withhold
  • 2 these examples lend weight to his assertions
    add, impart, give, bestow, confer, provide, grant, supply, furnish, accord, offer, contribute, afford, bring, donate
    [Antonyms] detract
  • Phrases

    lend an ear
    listen, keep one's ears open, prick up one's ears;
    pay attention, take notice, be attentive, attend, concentrate, heed, pay heed, give ear, give one's undivided attention
    informal be all ears, pin back one's ears
    archaic hearken
    lend a hand
    an agricultural student who had come to lend a hand with the harvest
    help, help out, give a helping hand, assist, give assistance, aid, make a contribution, do someone a favour, take part, do one's bit;
    informal pitch in, muck in, get stuck in, get involved
    lend itself to
    the landscape does not lend itself to long-distance walking or riding
    be suitable for, be suited to, be appropriate for, be adaptable to, have the right characteristics for, be applicable for, be easily used for, be readily used for, be serviceable for
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