Synonyms of liability in English:



  • 1 journalists cannot avoid liability for defamation merely by avoiding the naming of names
    [Antonyms] immunity
  • 2 they have some huge assets and some equally big liabilities
    financial obligation, debt, indebtedness, debit;
    (liabilities)debts, arrears, dues
    [Antonyms] asset
  • 3 she had come to be seen as an electoral liability
    hindrance, encumbrance, burden, handicap, nuisance, inconvenience;
    obstacle, impediment, drawback, drag, disadvantage, weakness, shortcoming, problem, weak spot/point;
    millstone round one's neck, stumbling block, cross to bear, cross, albatross;
    Achilles heel
    archaic cumber
    [Antonyms] asset, advantage
  • 4 their liability to the disease
    [Antonyms] immunity
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