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Synonyms of liberal in English:


  • 1 the values of a liberal society
    tolerant, unprejudiced, unbigoted, broad-minded, open-minded, enlightened, forbearing;
    permissive, free, free and easy, easy-going, laissez-faire, libertarian, latitudinarian, unbiased, impartial, non-partisan, indulgent, lenient, lax, soft
    [Antonyms] narrow-minded, bigoted
  • 2 he launched a liberal social agenda
    progressive, advanced, modern, forward-looking, forward-thinking, progressivist, go-ahead, enlightened, reformist, radical;
    informal right-on
    [Antonyms] conservative, reactionary
  • 3 the provision of liberal adult education
    wide-ranging, broad-based, general, humanistic
  • 4 a liberal interpretation of divorce laws
    flexible, broad, loose, rough, non-restrictive, free, general, non-literal, non-specific, not literal, not strict, not close;
    inexact, imprecise, vague, indefinite, ill-defined, unrigorous, unmeticulous
    [Antonyms] strict, to the letter
  • 5 liberal coatings of paint
    excessive, immoderate, superabundant, overabundant
    informal over the top
    literary plenteous
    [Antonyms] scant
  • 6 they had been liberal with their cash
    extravagant, overgenerous, generous to a fault, immoderate, wasteful, overabundant, profligate, prodigal, thriftless, improvident, intemperate, unrestrained, wild
    informal over the top
    literary bounteous
    [Antonyms] miserly, careful
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