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Synonyms of liberty in English:


  • 1 individuals should enjoy the liberty to pursue their own interests and preferences
    free will, latitude, option, choice;
    volition, non-compulsion, non-coercion, non-confinement;
    [Antonyms] constraint
  • 2 parliamentary government is the essence of British liberty
    [Antonyms] dependence, subjugation
  • 3 no man who was born free would be contented to be penned up and denied the liberty to go where he pleases
    right, birthright, opportunity, facility, prerogative, entitlement, privilege, permission, sanction, leave, consent, authorization, authority, licence, clearance, blessing, dispensation, exemption, faculty;
    [Antonyms] constraint
  • Phrases

    at liberty
  • 1 he was at liberty for three months before he was recaptured
    free, on the loose, loose, set loose, at large, unconfined, roaming;
    escaped, out
    informal sprung
    [Antonyms] in captivity, imprisoned
  • 2 your great aunt was at liberty to divide her estate how she chose
    free, permitted, allowed, authorized, able, entitled, eligible, fit;
    unconstrained, unrestricted, unhindered, without constraint
    [Antonyms] forbidden
  • take liberties
    you've already taken too many liberties with me
    [Antonyms] be polite, show consideration
    act with overfamiliarity, act with familiarity, show disrespect, act with impropriety, act indecorously, be impudent, commit a breach of etiquette, act with boldness, act with impertinence, show insolence, show impudence, show presumptuousness, show presumption, show forwardness, show audacity, be unrestrained;

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    liberty, freedom, independence
    All these words denote absence of constraint or coercion.Liberty denotes the desirable state of being free, within society, from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's behaviour or political views ( we believe in civil and religious liberty for everyone). It may also mean the power or scope to act as one pleases ( individuals should enjoy the liberty to pursue their own preferences). To be at liberty to do something is to be allowed or entitled to do it ( I'm not at liberty to say).Freedom is a more general word for the absence of constraint ( decentralization would give local managers more freedom | freedom of expression | freedom to organize their affairs). Freedom can also indicate the absence of a particular evil or constraint ( freedom from fear | freedom from interference) or the state of being unrestricted in movement ( the shorts have a side split for freedom of movement). Both freedom and liberty can also mean the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved ( the teenager committed fifty-six crimes before he lost his freedom | the mayor remained at liberty pending a decision as to his place of confinement).The principal meaning of independence is the absence of control of a nation or corporate body by an outside power ( recognition of Azerbaijan's independence | the independence of the judiciary). When used in relation to individuals, independence may denote a freedom from commitments ( could she pursue her independence if Chester needed her?) or the personal quality of not relying on others ( parents should foster their child's independence).
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