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Synonyms of life in English:


  • 1 only a mother can appreciate the joy of giving life to a child
    existence, being, living, animation, aliveness, animateness;
    entity, sentience, creation, survival, viability
    rare esse
    [Antonyms] death, non-existence
  • 2 armaments that threaten to eliminate life on the planet
    living things, living beings, living creatures, the living;
    human/animal/plant life, fauna, flora, ecosystems, creatures, wildlife;
    human beings, humanity, humankind, mankind, man, human activity
    literary flesh
  • 3 inshore fishing isn't an easy life
    way of life, way of living, manner of living, lifestyle, situation, position, state, station, condition, set of circumstances, fate, lot;
    sphere, field, line, career, business
  • 4 I hadn't talked to my father for the last nine months of his life
    lifetime, life span, days, duration of life, allotted span, course of life, time on earth, existence, one's time, one's career, threescore years and ten, this mortal coil
    informal one's born days
  • 5 the Parliament Bill introduced a limit of five years for the life of any Parliament
    duration, active life, lifetime, existence, functioning period, period of effectiveness, period of usefulness, validity, efficacy
  • 6 he is happy and full of life in his new job
    business, bustle, hustle and bustle, movement, stir
  • 7 his mother would be the life of the party
    moving spirit, moving force, animating spirit, vital spirit, spirit, vital spark, life force, lifeblood, essence, core, heart, soul, strength, quintessence, substance;
    French élan vital
  • 8 more than 1,500 lives were lost in the accident
  • 9 I was reading a life of Chopin
    biography, autobiography, life story, life history, memoir, history, profile;
    diary, journal, confessions;
    record, chronicle, account, report, portrayal, depiction, portrait
    informal biog, bio
  • 10 I'll miss you, but there it is, that's life
    the way of the world, the world, the way things go, the way of it, the human condition, the times we live in, the usual state of affairs, the school of hard knocks;
    North American informal the way the cookie crumbles
  • Phrases

    come to life
  • 1 he could hear the familiar sounds of a barracks coming to life
    become active, become lively, come alive, wake up, awaken, waken, show signs of life, arouse, rouse, stir, emerge
    [Antonyms] be dormant, be quiescent
  • 2 it was as though the carved angel by the lectern had suddenly come to life
    become animate, come alive, become a living creature;
    revive, resurrect
  • for dear life
    she was holding on for dear life
    desperately, with all one's might, with might and main, urgently, with urgency, vigorously, with as much vigour as possible, for all one is worth, as fast/hard as possible, like the devil
    give one's life
  • 1 he's devoted to his queen and would give his life for her
    die, lay down one's life, sacrifice oneself;
    die to save, offer one's life, surrender one's life
  • 2 he gave his life to the company and could have expected some support from them
    dedicate oneself, devote oneself, give oneself, commit oneself, pledge oneself, surrender oneself
  • Word links

    bio- related prefix, as in biosphere
    animate having life
    vital essential for life
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