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Synonyms of limit in English:


  • 1 a campus outside the city limits
    boundary, border, boundary line, bound, bounding line, partition line, frontier, edge, demarcation line, end point, cut-off point, termination;
    perimeter, outside, outline, confine, periphery, margin, rim, extremity, fringe, threshold, compass
    [Antonyms] centre
  • 2 for Saturday's match the police have set a limit of 4,500 supporters
    maximum, ceiling, limitation, upper limit;
    restriction, curb, check, control, curtailment, restraint;
    damper, brake, rein
    [Antonyms] minimum
  • 3 resources are stretched to the limit
    utmost, breaking point, extremity, greatest extent, ultimate, end point, the bitter end
  • 4 (the limit) that really is the limit!
    the last straw, the straw that broke the camel's back, enough, more than enough
    informal the end, it
  • verb

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  • the pressure to limit costs Congress's power to legislate may be limited by the Constitution
    restrict, curb, check, place a limit on, cap, keep within bounds, hold in check, restrain, put a brake on, hold, freeze, peg;
    regulate, control, govern, delimit, demarcate, circumscribe, ration;
    rare trammel
    [Antonyms] increase, allow to grow unchecked
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