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Synonyms of little in English:


  • 1 a little writing desk
    toy, baby, pocket, undersized, dwarf, midget, fun-size;
    bijou, dainty, cute, sweet, dear;
    Scottish  wee
    British informal titchy, ickle
    North American informal little-bitty, vest-pocket
    [Antonyms] big, large
  • 2 the smile vanished from the little man's face
    [Antonyms] big, large
  • 3 my little sister
    young, younger, junior, small, baby, infant, minor
    [Antonyms] big, old, elder
  • 4 I was a bodyguard for a little while
    [Antonyms] long
  • 5 this car does have a few little problems
    [Antonyms] significant, important
  • determiner

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  • they have low status and little political influence
    hardly any, not much, slight, small, scant, limited, restricted, modest, little or no, minimal, negligible;
    insufficient, inadequate
    [Antonyms] considerable, a great deal of
  • Phrases

    a little
  • 1 if it's too thick, add a little water
    some, a small amount of, a bit of, a touch of, a soupçon of, a dash of, a taste of, a dab of, a spot of, a modicum of, a morsel of, a fragment of, a snippet of, a tinge of, a particle of, a jot of, a shade of, a suggestion of, a trace of, a hint of, a suspicion of;
    a dribble of, a splash of, a driblet of;
    a pinch of, a sprinkling of, a sprinkle of, a grain of, a speck of
    informal a smidgen of, a tad of
    [Antonyms] a lot of, a great deal of
  • 2 after a little, Oliver came in
    a short time, a little while, a bit, an interval, a short spell, a short period;
    a minute, a moment, a second, a split second, an instant, a flash
    informal a sec, a mo, a jiffy, a jiff
    [Antonyms] a long time
  • 3 the whole scene does remind me a little of the Adriatic
    moderately, somewhat, a little bit, quite, to some degree, fairly
    informal sort of, kind of, kinda, ish
    [Antonyms] a great deal
  • little by little
    little by little, the town was turning into ruins
    [Antonyms] immediately, all at once


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  • 1 he is little known as a teacher
    hardly, barely, scarcely, not much, only slightly, slightly, only just
    [Antonyms] well
  • 2 this disease is little seen nowadays
    rarely, seldom, infrequently, hardly ever, hardly, scarcely ever, scarcely, not much
    [Antonyms] often
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