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  • 1 the bride was an attractive and lively young woman
    energetic, active, animated, vigorous, dynamic, full of life, outgoing, spirited, high-spirited, vivacious, enthusiastic, vibrant, buoyant, exuberant, effervescent, cheerful; bouncy, bubbly, perky, sparkling, sprightly, spry, youthful, zesty, zestful, frisky, skittish; fun, fun-loving
    North American informal peart
    [Antonyms] listless lifeless apathetic
  • 2 a lively West End bar
    busy, crowded, bustling, hectic, swarming, teeming, astir, buzzing, thronging; vibrant, boisterous, jolly, festive
    informal hopping, jumping, buzzy
    British informal like Piccadilly Circus
    [Antonyms] quiet dead
  • 3 a lively debate
    heated, vigorous, stimulating, animated, spirited, enthusiastic, forceful; exciting, stirring, interesting, eventful, memorable
    [Antonyms] lifeless dull
  • 4 a lively portrait of the local community
    vivid, colourful, striking, stirring, graphic, bold, strong, interesting, effective, imaginative
    [Antonyms] lifeless dull
  • 5 he bowled at a lively pace
    brisk, quick, fast, rapid, swift, speedy, smart, vigorous, fast and furious
    informal nippy, snappy
    [Antonyms] slow
  • 6 the press is making things lively for the Government
    awkward, tricky, difficult, challenging; eventful, exciting, busy
    informal hairy
    [Antonyms] easy peaceful
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