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Synonyms of load in English:


  • 1 MacDowell's got a load to deliver the rear seats can be folded forward to carry larger loads
    pack, bundle, parcel, bale;
    consignment, haul, delivery, shipment, batch;
  • 2 informal I bought a load of clothes a hot dog with loads of fried onions
    a lot, a great deal, a great/large amount, a large quantity, a number, an abundance, a wealth, a profusion, a mountain;
    many, plenty, reams;
    informala heap, a mass, a pile, an ocean, a stack, a ton, lots, heaps, masses, piles, oceans, stacks, tons, oodles, scads
    British informala shedload, lashings
    Australian/New Zealand informala swag
    vulgar slanga shitload
    North American vulgar slangan assload
    [Antonyms] few
  • 3 a heavy teaching load
    commitment, responsibility, duty, obligation, onus, charge, weight;
    trouble, worry, strain, pressure
  • verb

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  • 1 she began to load the washing machine we quickly loaded the van with our diving gear
    fill, fill up, pack, stuff, cram, pile, heap, stack;
    lade, freight, charge;
    [Antonyms] unload
  • 2 Larry loaded boxes into the jeep
    pack, stow, store, stack, bundle, stuff, cram, squeeze, jam, wedge;
    place, deposit, put away
    [Antonyms] unload
  • 3 within a few weeks, Richard was loading Marshal with honours
    reward, ply, regale, shower;
    supply, provide
  • 4 he began to load a gun
    prime, charge, arm, fill, prepare to fire/use
    [Antonyms] unload
  • 5 load the cassette into the camcorder
    insert, put, place, fit, slide, slot
    [Antonyms] remove
  • 6 the dice are loaded against him
    bias, rig, fix, set up;
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