Synonyms of lock in English:



  • she turned the key in the lock
  • verb

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  • 1 he locked the door behind him
    bolt, fasten, bar, secure, make secure, make fast, seal; padlock, latch, chain
    [Antonyms] unlock open
  • 2 wedge-shaped pins are driven in to lock the parts together
    join, interlock, mesh, engage, link, unite, connect, combine, yoke, mate; couple
    [Antonyms] separate divide
  • 3 the wheels locked and the car careered across the road
    become stuck, stick, jam, become/make immovable, become/make rigid
  • 4 he locked her in an ecstatic embrace
    clasp, clench, grasp, embrace, hug, squeeze
  • Phrases

    lock horns

    local politicians locked horns with one anotherquarreldisagreehave a disputewranglebickerbe at oddsbe at loggerheadslock antlerscross swordsfightdo battleengage in conflictcontendchallenge informalhave a dust-uphave a scraphave a barney

    lock something in

    the beach is locked in by headlands at each endencloseencirclesurroundencompassboundringcircleenvelopshut inhem inhedge in

    lock someone out

    she was locked out of her office people locked out of the job marketkeep outshut outrefuse entrance todeny admittance toexcludebardebarbanostracizebanishexile

    lock someone up

    he was locked up for burglaryimprisonjailincarceratesend to prisonput behind barsput under lock and keyput in chainsput/throw into ironsclap in ironshold captivedetainremandinternimpoundimmureshut upshut inconfinecagepencoop upfence inpen inwall inmew (up) informalsend downput awayput inside

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    Synonyms of lock in English:



  • a lock of hair
    tress, tuft, curl; ringlet, kiss-curl, lovelock, forelock, plait; hank; strand, wisp; snippet
  • Definition of lock in: