Synonyms of lock in English:

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lock 1


  • she turned the key in the lock
  • verb

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  • 1 he locked the door behind him
    bolt, fasten, bar, secure, make secure, make fast, seal;
    padlock, latch, chain
    [Antonyms] unlock, open
  • 2 wedge-shaped pins are driven in to lock the parts together
    join, interlock, mesh, engage, link, unite, connect, combine, yoke, mate;
    [Antonyms] separate, divide
  • 3 the wheels locked and the car careered across the road
    become stuck, stick, jam, become/make immovable, become/make rigid
  • 4 he locked her in an ecstatic embrace
    clasp, clench, grasp, embrace, hug, squeeze
  • Phrases

    lock horns
    local politicians locked horns with one another
    quarrel, disagree, have a dispute, wrangle, bicker, be at odds, be at loggerheads, lock antlers, cross swords;
    fight, do battle, engage in conflict, contend;
    informal have a dust-up, have a scrap, have a barney
    lock something in
    the beach is locked in by headlands at each end
    lock someone out
    she was locked out of her office people locked out of the job market
    keep out, shut out, refuse entrance to, deny admittance to;
    exclude, bar, debar, ban, ostracize, banish, exile
    lock someone up
    he was locked up for burglary
    imprison, jail, incarcerate, send to prison, put behind bars, put under lock and key, put in chains, put/throw into irons, clap in irons, hold captive;
    informal send down, put away, put inside
    Definition of lock in:
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    Synonyms of lock in English:

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    lock 2


  • a lock of hair
    tress, tuft, curl;
    strand, wisp;
  • Definition of lock in:
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