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Synonyms of look in English:


  • 1 Mrs. Wright looked at him she looked out of the window
    glance, gaze, stare, gape, peer, fix one's gaze, focus;
    peep, peek, take a look;
    watch, examine, study, inspect, scan, scrutinize, survey, check, contemplate, consider;
    see, observe, view, regard, pay attention to, take note of, mark, check out;
    glimpse, spot, spy, lay one's eyes on, catch sight of, eye, take in, ogle
    informal take a gander, give someone/something a/the once-over, have a squint, get a load of, rubberneck, recce
    British informal take a dekko, take a butcher's, take a shufti, clock, gawp
    North American informal eyeball
    archaic behold, espy, descry
    [Antonyms] ignore
  • 2 a pair of windows looked north over Madison Avenue the breakfast room looks out on to a small patio
    command a view, face, overlook, front
  • 3 both visitors looked shocked
    seem, seem to be, appear, appear to be, have the appearance/air of being, give the impression of being, give every appearance/indication of being, look to be, present as being, strike someone as being
  • Phrases

    look after
    I had to look after my brother after his accident
    take care of, care for, attend to, tend, mind, minister to, take charge of, supervise, protect, guard;
    keep an eye on, keep safe, be responsible for;
    look back on
    I look back on my early teenage years with some amazement
    reflect on, think about, remember, recall, bring to mind, muse on, brood on, ponder on, reminisce about, be nostalgic about, hark back to
    look down on
    my mother had social pretensions and looked down on most of our neighbours
    [Antonyms] look up to
    disdain, scorn, hold in disdain, regard with contempt, treat with contempt, sneer at, spurn, shun, disparage, pooh-pooh, despise
    informal look down one's nose at, turn up one's nose at
    look for
  • 1 she looked for her comb, but couldn't find it police are looking for two suspects
    search for, hunt for, seek, look about/around/round for, cast about/around/round for, try to find, try to track down, forage for, scout out, quest for/after
  • 2 Jeremiah and Ezekiel looked for the day when God would forge a new covenant with men
    anticipate, expect, await, count on, reckon on, watch for, hope for, look forward to, contemplate, prepare for, envisage
  • look forward to
    I was looking forward to seeing Ted
    [Antonyms] dread
    await with pleasure, anticipate, wait for, be unable to wait for, count the days until, long for, hope for
    informal lick one's lips over
    look into
    the authorities promised to look into the complaints
    investigate, explore, research, enquire about, make enquiries about, find out about, ask questions about, ask about;
    North American  check out
    look like
    in his overcoat he looks like an undertaker
    resemble, bear a resemblance to, look similar to, have a look of, have the appearance of, remind one of, put one in mind of, make one think of, be the image of, echo, have (all) the hallmarks of, simulate;
    informal be the spitting image of, be the spit of, be a dead ringer for, favour
    look on/upon
    people he looked on as friends took advantage of him
    regard, consider, think of, deem, judge, count, see, view, take, reckon, believe to be
    look out
    you'll be trampled on if you don't look out
    beware, watch out, be on (one's) guard, be alert, be wary, be vigilant, be careful, be cautious, pay attention, take heed, heed, keep one's eyes open, keep one's eyes peeled/skinned, keep an eye out, be on the qui vive
    look something over
    he looked over the reports from the engineer
    inspect, examine, check, monitor, read through, look through, scan, run through, cast an eye over, leaf through, flick through, flip through, browse, give something/someone a/the once-over, take stock of, view, peruse
    informal take a dekko at
    North American  check out
    North American informal eyeball
    look right through someone
    the woman, once so friendly, now looked right through her
    [Antonyms] acknowledge
    snub, ignore, slight, spurn, shun, disdain, look past, turn one's back on, give someone the cold shoulder, cold-shoulder, freeze out, steer clear of;
    British  send to Coventry
    informal give someone the brush-off, cut, cut dead, knock back, give someone the go-by
    British informal blank
    look through something
    he began to look through the first few pages of the journal See look something over
    look to
  • 1 we must look to the future
    consider, give thought to, think about, turn one's thoughts to, take heed of, pay attention to, attend to, mind, heed
  • 2 they got themselves into trouble and now look to the government for help
  • look up
    things are looking up for opera these days
    improve, show improvement, get better, pick up, advance, develop, come along/on, progress, make progress, make headway, shape up, perk up, rally, take a turn for the better
    look someone up
    informal Moira said you were going up to Leeds to look up some old friends
    visit, pay a visit to, call on, go to see, look in on;
    North American  visit with, go see
    informal drop in on
    look up to
    Jerry looked up to me
    [Antonyms] look down on
    admire, have a high opinion of, think highly of, hold in high regard, regard highly, rate highly, respect, hold in esteem, esteem, value;
    honour, revere, venerate, idolize, worship, hero-worship, adulate, put on a pedestal, lionize


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  • 1 have a look at this report
    glance, observation, view, examination, study, inspection, scan, survey, sight, peep, peek, glimpse, gaze, stare, gape, ogle
    informal eyeful, gander, look-see, once-over, squint, recce
    British informal shufti, dekko, butcher's
    Australian/New Zealand informal geek, squiz
    New Zealand informal Jack Nohi
  • 2 the puzzled look on her face turned to one of irritation
  • 3 he had a shifty look about him the kitchen has that rustic look Mary's so fond of
    appearance, air, aspect, bearing, cast, manner, mien, demeanour, features, semblance, guise, facade, impression, effect;
  • 4 the latest look for this season is lean and elegant
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    scopophobia fear of being looked at
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