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Synonyms of lost in English:


  • 1 they were all searching for her lost keys a lost cat
    missing, strayed, gone missing/astray, mislaid, misplaced, vanished, disappeared, forgotten, nowhere to be found;
    absent, not present, gone
  • 2 his spirit still walks among the hills, searching for lost travellers I went for a walk in the woods and I got lost
    stray, astray, off-course, off-track, off the right track, disorientated, disoriented, having lost one's bearings, adrift, going round in circles, at sea
  • 3 a lost opportunity
    missed, forfeited, neglected, wasted, squandered, dissipated, gone by the board
    informal down the drain
  • 4 lost traditional values
    bygone, past, former, one-time, previous, old, olden, departed, vanished, forgotten, unremembered, unrecalled, consigned to oblivion, extinct, dead, lost and gone, lost in time;
    out of date, outmoded;
    French passé
  • 5 a lament over lost species and habitats
  • 6 a lost cause
    hopeless, beyond hope, failed, despaired of, beyond remedy, beyond recovery
  • 7 lost souls
    damned, fallen, cursed, accursed, irredeemable, irreclaimable, irretrievable, past hope, past praying for, condemned, doomed, excommunicated
  • 8 he was a person entirely lost to all sense of decency
  • 9 Father Reynard was lost in his own thoughts
    engrossed, absorbed, rapt, immersed, deep, intent, engaged, wrapped up;
    abstracted, dreamy, distrait, absent-minded, daydreaming, wool-gathering, somewhere else, not there, not with us, in a world of one's own, with one's head in the clouds, in a brown study
    informal miles away
  • Phrases

    get lost
    a woman swore at me and told me to get lost
    go away, go, leave, depart, get going, get out, be off with you, shoo
    informal scram, be on your way, run along, beat it, skedaddle, split, vamoose, scat, push off, buzz off, shove off, clear off, go (and) jump in the lake
    British informal hop it, bog off, naff off, on your bike, get along, sling your hook
    North American informal bug off, light out, haul off, haul ass, take a powder, hit the trail, take a hike
    Australian informal nick off
    Australian/New Zealand informal rack off
    South African informal voetsak, hamba
    vulgar slang bugger off, piss off, fuck off
    British vulgar slang sod off
    literary begone, avaunt
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