Synonyms of luxurious in English:



  • 1 a luxurious New York hotel
    opulent, sumptuous, affluent, expensive, rich, costly, deluxe, lush, grand, palatial, splendid, magnificent, lavish, lavishly appointed, well appointed, extravagant, ornate, fancy, stylish, elegant
    British informal swish
    North American informal swank
    rare palatian
    [Antonyms] poor, austere, spartan
  • 2 a luxurious lifestyle
    self-indulgent, sensual, pleasure-loving, comfort-seeking, epicurean, hedonistic, sybaritic, lotus-eating, decadent, extravagant, immoderate
    [Antonyms] abstemious
  • luxurious or luxuriant?You may find luxuriant foliage in the conservatory of a luxurious home, but the two words have quite different meanings.Luxurious denotes things that are extremely comfortable, elegant, and pleasurable (usually with a hint that they may be self-indulgent and unnecessarily expensive), as in the luxurious villas of the rich and famous.Luxuriant, on the other hand, is used mainly with reference to the growth of plants ( luxuriant creepers climbed up the wall), though it may also refer to a person's hair ( she tossed her luxuriant hair back contemptuously).

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