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Synonyms of man in English:


  • 1
    male, adult male, gentleman, youth
    informal guy, fellow, geezer, gent, mother's son
    British informal bloke, chap, lad
    North American informal dude, bozo, hombre
    Australian/New Zealand informal digger
    South African informal oke, ou, oom
    Indian informal admi
    Scottish & Irish informal bodach
    British informal, dated cove
    Scottish archaic carl
  • 3 the evolution of man
  • 4 the men voted to go on strike
    worker, workman, labourer, helper, hand, blue-collar worker
    See also staff
  • 5 have you met her new man?
    boyfriend, partner, husband, spouse, lover, admirer, fiancé, amour, inamorato;
    common-law husband, escort, live-in lover, significant other, cohabitee
    British informal boyf
    North American informal squeeze
    South African informal jong
    informal, dated intended
    archaic leman
  • 6 his man brought him a cocktail
    Military , dated batman
    North American  houseman
  • Phrases

    man to man
    frankly, openly, honestly, directly, candidly, plainly, forthrightly, without beating about the bush;
    to a man
    with no exceptions, without exception, bar none, one and all, everyone, each and every one, unanimously, as one


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  • 1 the office is manned from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    staff, crew, occupy, people
  • 2 firemen manned the pumps
    operate, work, use, utilize
  • Word links

    male, masculine, virile relating to men
    andro- related prefix
    androcentric centred on men
    androphobia fear of men
    misandry hatred of men
    androcracy rule by men
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