Synonyms of mark in English:



  • 1 a dirty mark on the tablecloth a chestnut mare with a white mark on her forehead
    blemish, streak, spot, fleck, dot, blot, stain, smear, trace, speck, speckle, blotch, smudge, smut, smirch, fingermark, fingerprint, impression, imprint; bruise, discoloration, scar, pit, pockmark, pock, scratch, dent, chip, notch, nick, line, score, cut, incision, gash; marking, blaze, stripe; birthmark
    informal splotch, splodge
    technical stigma
  • 2 a punctuation mark
    symbol, sign, character; exclamation mark, question mark, quotation mark; diacritic, diacritical mark
  • 3 he signed his mark in the visitors' book
    signature, autograph, cross, X, scribble, squiggle, initials, imprint
  • 4 books bearing the mark of a well-known bookseller
    logo, seal, stamp, imprint, symbol, emblem, device, insignia, badge, brand, trademark, token, monogram, hallmark, logotype, watermark, label, tag, flag, motto
  • 5 unemployment had passed the three million mark
    point, level, stage, degree
  • 6 the flag was lowered as a mark of respect
    sign, token, symbol, indication, badge, emblem, symptom, feature, evidence, proof, clue, hint
  • 7 the war left its mark on him
    impression, imprint, traces, vestiges, effect, impact, influence
  • 8 it is the mark of a civilized society to treat its elderly members well
  • 9 he got very good marks for maths and physics
    grade, grading, rating, score, percentage; assessment, evaluation
  • 10 the bullet missed its mark his comment hit the mark
  • 11 his work hasn't been up to the mark
    required standard, standard, norm, par, level, criterion, gauge, yardstick, rule, measure, scale
  • Phrases

    make one's mark

    he has made his mark in the financial worldbe successfuldistinguish oneselfsucceedgain successbe a successprosperget aheadget onmake goodachieve recognitionattain distinction informalmake itmake the gradefind a place in the sun

    quick off the mark

    [Antonyms] slow-witted dozy
    alertquickquick-wittedbrightcleverperceptivesharpsharp-wittedobservantwide awake informalon the ballon one's toesquick on the uptake

    up to the mark

    the team's training is not up to the mark
    [Antonyms] below standard unacceptable
    good enoughup to scratchup to standardup to parsatisfactoryacceptableadequatepassablesufficientcompetentall right informalOKup to snuff

    wide of the mark

  • 1 his answer was wide of the mark
    [Antonyms] spot on
  • 2 the observations were wide of the mark
    irrelevant, inapplicable, inapposite, inappropriate, inapt, immaterial, not to the point, beside the point, off the subject, extraneous, neither here nor there
    [Antonyms] to the point
  • verb

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  • 1 be careful not to mark the paintwork
    discolour, stain, smear, smudge, streak, blotch, blot, blemish; dirty, smirch, damage, deface, disfigure, pockmark, pit, bruise, scrape, scratch, scar, dent, chip, nick, notch, score, cut, gash
    informal splotch, splodge
  • 2 all her possessions were clearly marked
    put one's name on, name, initial, put one's seal on, label, tag, hallmark, watermark, brand, stamp, earmark
  • 3 I've marked the relevant passages a bronze cross marks the grave
    indicate, label, flag, tab, tick, show the position of, show, identify, designate, delineate, denote
  • 4 the city held a festival to mark its 200th anniversary
    celebrate, observe, recognize, acknowledge, keep, honour, solemnize, pay tribute to, salute, commemorate, remember, memorialize
  • 5 two great sea battles marked a new epoch in naval history
    represent, signify, be an indication of, be a sign of, indicate, herald
  • 6 his style is marked by simplicity and concision
    characterize, distinguish, identify, typify, brand, signalize, stamp
  • 7 an examiner may have hundreds of papers to mark
    assess, evaluate, appraise, correct; North Americangrade
  • 8 it'll cause trouble, you mark my words!
    take heed of, pay heed to, heed, listen to, take note/notice of, pay attention to, attend to, note, mind, bear in mind, give (a) thought to, take into consideration, take to heart
    archaic regard
  • Phrases

    mark something down

  • 1 prices have been marked down for quick sale
    reduce, decrease, lower, cut, put down, take down, discount
    informal slash
    [Antonyms] increase
  • 2 some shops have marked the trainers down
    lower the price of, make cheaper, sell at a giveaway price, put in a sale
    informal knock down
    [Antonyms] mark something up
  • mark someone out

  • 1 his honesty marked him out from the rest of them
  • 2 she is marked out for fame
  • mark something out

    the pitch had already been marked outdelineateoutlinedelimitdemarcatemeasure outmark the boundaries/limits ofmark offdefinedescribestake out

    mark something up

  • 1 they marked up the price by 66 per cent
    increase, raise, up, put up, hike (up), escalate
    informal jack up
    [Antonyms] mark something down
  • 2 editors marked up the text in pencil
    annotate, correct, label
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