Synonyms of material in English:



  • 1 the decomposition of organic material
  • 2 the materials for a new building
    constituent, raw material, element, component
  • 3 (materials) cleaning materials
    things, items, articles, stuff, necessaries
    British informal gubbins
  • 4 samples of curtain material
  • 5 she's collecting material for a magazine article
    information, data, facts, facts and figures, statistics, evidence, subject matter, ideas, details, particulars; background, notes, documentation, documents, papers
    informal info, gen, deets, dope, low-down, dirt
  • adjective

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  • 1 the material rather than the spiritual world
    [Antonyms] spiritual abstract
  • 2 she was too fond of material pleasures
    sensual, carnal, materialistic, corporal, fleshly, physical, bodily
    [Antonyms] aesthetic intellectual
  • 3 the storms caused material damage to the crops
    significant, major, important, of consequence, consequential, momentous; weighty, vital, essential, key, meaningful
    [Antonyms] unimportant insignificant inconsequential
  • 4 information that could be material to a murder inquiry
    [Antonyms] immaterial irrelevant
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