Synonyms of mean in English:

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mean 1


  • 1 the flashing lights mean that the road is blocked
    signify, convey, denote, designate, indicate, connote, show, express, spell out, stand for, represent, symbolize, imply, purport, suggest, allude to, intimate, hint at, insinuate, drive at, refer to
    informal get at
    literary betoken
  • 2 she didn't mean to break it
    intend, aim, plan, design, have in mind, have in view, contemplate, think of, purpose, propose, have plans, set out, aspire, desire, want, wish, expect
  • 3 he was hit by a bullet meant for a soldier
    intend, design
  • 4 the closures will mean a rise in unemployment
  • 5 this means a lot to me
    matter, have importance, have significance, be important, be significant;
    have an input on
  • 6 a red sky in the morning usually means rain
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    Synonyms of mean in English:

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    mean 2


  • 1 he's too mean to leave a tip
    miserly, niggardly, close-fisted, parsimonious, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, ungenerous, penurious, illiberal, close, grasping, greedy, avaricious, acquisitive, Scrooge-like;
    Australian/New Zealand & Scottish  miserable
    informal tight-fisted, stingy, tight, mingy, money-grubbing, skinflinty
    North American informal cheap, grabby
    Australian informal hungry
    British vulgar slang tight-arse, tight-arsed, tight as a duck's arse
    archaic near, niggard
    [Antonyms] generous, extravagant, munificent
  • 2 why are you being so mean to me? that was a mean trick
    unkind, nasty, spiteful, foul, malicious, malevolent, despicable, contemptible, obnoxious, vile, odious, loathsome, disagreeable, unpleasant, unfriendly, uncharitable, shabby, unfair, callous, cruel, vicious, base, low
    British informal beastly, bitchy, catty
    vulgar slang shitty
    [Antonyms] kind
  • 3 the truth was obvious to even the meanest intelligence
    inferior, poor, limited, restricted, meagre
  • 4 her flat was mean and cold
    squalid, shabby, dilapidated, sordid, seedy, slummy, sleazy, insalubrious, poor, sorry, wretched, dismal, dingy, miserable, mangy, broken-down, run down, down at heel
    informal scruffy, scuzzy, crummy, grungy, ratty, tacky
    British informal grotty
    [Antonyms] luxurious, palatial
  • 5 a man of mean birth
    lowly, humble, ordinary, low, low-born, lower-class, modest, common, base, proletarian, plebeian, obscure, undistinguished, ignoble
    archaic baseborn
    [Antonyms] noble
  • 6 informal he's a mean cook See excellent
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    Synonyms of mean in English:

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    mean 3


  • trying to find a mean between frankness and rudeness
    middle course, middle way, mid point, central point, middle, happy medium, golden mean, compromise, balance, median, norm, average
  • adjective

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  • the mean temperature
  • Definition of mean in:
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