Synonyms of medicine in English:



  • 1 she poured out a dose of medicine for her mother
    medication, medicament, remedy, cure, nostrum, patent medicine, quack remedy, panacea, cure-all, placebo, drug, prescription, dose, treatment
    archaic physic
    rare medicinal
  • 2 the remarkable achievements of modern medicine
    medical science, practice of medicine, healing, therapeutics, therapy, treatment, healing art
  • Phrases

    give someone a dose/taste of their own medicine

    get even (with)get back atgetlet someone see how it feelshave/get/take one's revenge (on)be revenged (on)revenge oneself (on)hit back (at)even the score (with)settle a/the scoresettle accounts (with)get one's own back (on)give as good as one getsplay tit for tat (with)pay someone backrepayreciprocateretaliate (against)take reprisals (against)exact retribution (on) informalgive someone their comeuppance

    take one's medicine

    accept one's punishmenttake the consequences of one's actions informaltake the raptake it on the chin

    Word links

    pharmaceutical relating to medicines
    iatro- related prefix, as in iatrogenic, iatrochemistry
    pharmacist; British chemist; North American druggist seller of medicines
    pharmacy; British chemist's; North American drugstore shop selling medicines

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