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Synonyms of mend in English:


  • 1 workmen were mending faulty cabling
    repair, fix, put back together, piece together, patch up, restore, sew (up), stitch, darn, patch, cobble, botch, vamp (up);
    make whole, make well, cure, heal;
    Northern English  fettle, spetch;
    Scottish & Northern English  ranter
    archaic clout, tinker, beet
    [Antonyms] break, tear
  • 2 ‘How's Walter?’ ‘He'll mend.’ foot injuries can take months to mend
    get better, get well, recover, be on the road to recovery, pull through, recuperate, convalesce, improve, be well, be cured, be all right, heal, knit, draw together
    [Antonyms] worsen
  • 3 quarrels could be mended by talking
    put/set right, set straight, make up, straighten out, sort out, put in order, rectify, remedy, right, redress, resolve, square, settle, put to rights, correct, amend, emend, retrieve, improve, make better, better, make good, ameliorate, reform
    [Antonyms] make worse
  • 4 he mended the fire
  • noun

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    on the mend
    it was tough for a while, but I'm on the mend
    recovering, convalescent, on the road to recovery, making progress, progressing, improving
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