Synonyms of mercy in English:



  • 1 the boy was begging for mercy
    [Antonyms] ruthlessness, cruelty, inhumanity
  • 2 we must be thankful for small mercies
    blessing, godsend, boon, favour, piece/stroke of luck
  • Phrases

    at the mercy of

  • 1 they found themselves at the mercy of the tyrant
    in the power of, under/in the control of, in the clutches of, in the palm of someone's hand, under the heel of, subject to
  • 2 men who lived and died at the mercy of the violent and unpredictable Australian climate
    defenceless against, unprotected against, vulnerable to, threatened by, exposed to, susceptible to, prey to, (wide) open to, an easy target for
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