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Synonyms of mess in English:


  • 1 please clear up the mess in the kitchen
    untidiness, disorder, disarray, clutter, heap, shambles, litter, tangle, jumble, muddle, mishmash, chaos, confusion, disorganization, turmoil
    informal muck, fright, sight
    British informal dog's dinner/breakfast, tip
  • 2 there was cat mess all over the room
  • 3 I've got to get out of this mess
    plight, predicament, emergency, tight spot, tight corner, difficulty, straits, trouble, quandary, dilemma, problem, muddle, mix-up, confusion, complication, imbroglio, entanglement, mire
    informal jam, fix, pickle, stew, hot water, hole, pretty/fine kettle of fish, scrape
  • 4 what a mess he made of the project
    informal hash, muck, foul-up, screw-up
    British informal cock-up, shambles, omnishambles, car crash
    North American informal snafu
    vulgar slang fuck-up, balls-up
  • Phrases

    make a mess of
    she felt she had made a complete mess of her life
    vulgar slang balls up, bugger up, fuck up


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    mess about/around
    potter about, amuse oneself, pass the time, do nothing very much, fiddle about/around, footle about/around, play about/around, fool about/around;
    fidget, toy, trifle, tamper, tinker, interfere, meddle, monkey (about/around)
    British informal muck about/around, lark (about/around), fanny about/around
    vulgar slang frig about/around, fuck about/around
    mess something up
  • 1 he had completely messed up my kitchen
    dirty, befoul, litter, besmirch, pollute;
    clutter up, disarrange, jumble, throw into disorder/confusion, muss, dishevel, rumple, tumble
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