Synonyms of mind in English:



  • 1 my mind was full of dark thoughts a good teacher must stretch pupils' minds
    brain, intelligence, intellect, intellectual capabilities, mental capacity, brains, brainpower, wits, wit, powers of reasoning, powers of comprehension, powers of thought, understanding, reasoning, judgement, sense, mentality, perception; head, imagination, subconscious, psyche, ego
    British informal loaf
    North American informal smarts
    South African informal kop
    [Antonyms] body
  • 2 he found it hard to keep his mind on the job
    attention, thoughts, concentration, thinking, attentiveness
  • 3 the tragedy has affected her mind
    sanity, mental balance, mental faculties, senses, wits, reason, reasoning, judgement, rationality
    informal marbles
  • 4 his words stuck in her mind
    memory, recollection, powers of recall
  • 5 one of the greatest minds of his time
    intellect, thinker, brain, scholar, academic, intellectual, sage
  • 6 I've a mind to write in and complain
    inclination, desire, wish, urge, notion, fancy, disposition, intention, intent, will, aim, purpose, design
  • 7 everyone was of the same mind
    opinion, way of thinking, outlook, attitude, view, viewpoint, point of view, belief, judgement, thoughts, feeling, sentiment, persuasion
  • Phrases

    be in two minds

    I was in two minds whether to hit himbe undecidedbe uncertainbe unsurebe hesitantbe ambivalenthesitatewavervacillateditherbe on the horns of a dilemmaBritishhaverhum and hawScottishswither informaldilly-dallyshilly-shallyblow hot and cold

    bear/keep in mind

    remembernotemake a mental note ofbe mindful ofdo not forgettake into account/considerationconsidertake cognizance oftake note ofbe cognizant of

    bring/call to mind

    the smell brings to mind past similar experiences her strong sense of duty called to mind her grandfatherremind one ofcause one to remembermake one think ofcause one to rememberput one in mind oftake one back tobring/call to mindawake one's memories ofevokecall upconjure upsummon up

    change one's mind

    at the last moment I changed my mindthink againthink twicehave second thoughtsreview one's positioncome roundchange one's mindreconsider

    cross one's mind

    it never crossed his mind that this would upset heroccur to onecome to onecome to mindspring to mindenter one's mind/headstrike onehit onedawn on onecome into one's consciousnesssuggest itself

    give someone a piece of one's mind

    reprimandrebukescoldreprovereproachchastisecastigateupbraidberateread someone the Riot Acthaul over the coals informaltell offbawl outblow upgive someone hellgive someone a talking-todress downgive someone a telling-offgive someone a dressing-downgive someone an earfulgive someone a roastinggive someone a rocketgive someone a rollickinggive someone a rowBritish informaltick offcarpetmonstergive someone a mouthfulNorth American informalchew outBritish vulgar slangbollockNorth American vulgar slangchew someone's ass

    have something in mind

    did you have anything specific in mind?think ofcontemplateintendaimplandesignproposepurposeaspiredesirewantwishset out

    out of one's mind

  • 1 if you think I'll agree to this you must be out of your mind!
  • 2 I've been out of my mind with worry
    frantic, beside oneself, berserk, distraught, in a frenzy
    informal crazy
  • put someone in mind of

    remind ofcause to rememberrecallconjure upsuggestevokesummon upcall upresemblelook like

    to my mind

    in my opinionin my viewas I see it(according) to my way of thinkingfrom my standpointpersonallyin my estimationin my judgementin my bookfor my moneyif you ask me


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  • 1 do you mind if I smoke? I don't mind if you're late
    care, object, be bothered/troubled/annoyed, be upset, be offended, take offence, be affronted, be resentful, disapprove, resent it, dislike it, look askance
    informal give/care a damn, give/care a toss, give/care a hoot, give a monkey's, give/care a rap, give a tinker's curse/damn
    vulgar slang give a shit
  • 2 mind the step!
    be careful of, watch out for, look out for, beware of, take care with, be on one's guard for, be cautious of, be wary of, be watchful of, keep one's eyes open for
    [Antonyms] ignore miss
  • 3 mind you wipe your feet before you come in
    be/make sure (that), see (that), take care that; remember to, be/make sure to, don't forget to, take care to
    [Antonyms] forget
  • 4 she left her husband to mind the baby
    [Antonyms] neglect
  • 5 mind what your mother says
    pay attention to, take heed of, heed, pay heed to, attend to, take note/notice of, be heedful of, note, mark, concentrate on, listen to, observe, have regard for, respect, be mindful of; obey, follow, comply with, adhere to
    archaic regard
    [Antonyms] disregard take no notice of
  • Phrases

    mind out

    mind out—there's a car comingtake carebe carefulwatch outlook outbewarebe on one's guardbe warybe watchfulkeep one's eyes openbe cautious

    never mind

  • 1 never mind the cost
    don't bother about, pay no attention to, don't worry about, don't concern yourself with, disregard, forget, don't take into consideration, don't give a second thought to, don't think twice about
  • 2 never mind, it's all right now
    don't apologize, forget it, don't worry about it, it doesn't matter, don't mention it, it's unimportant
  • Word links

    mental, cognitive relating to the mind
    psychology study of the mind
    psychiatry branch of medicine to do with the mind

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