Synonyms of miss in English:



  • 1 the shot he fired missed her by inches
    fail to hit, be wide of, go wide of, fall short of
    [Antonyms] hit
  • 2 Mandy missed the catch and flung the ball back rather crossly
    fail to catch, drop, fumble, fluff, bungle, mishandle, misfield, mishit
    [Antonyms] catch
  • 3 I'll miss my bus now
    be too late for, fail to catch/get
    [Antonyms] catch
  • 4 I'm sorry, I missed what you said
    fail to hear, fail to take in, mishear, misunderstand
  • 5 you can't miss the station because it's so big
    fail to see/notice, overlook, pass over, forget
    [Antonyms] see, notice
  • 6 she never missed a meeting that I remember
    fail to attend, be too late for, absent oneself from, be absent from, play truant from, take French leave from, cut, skip, omit
    British informal skive off
    [Antonyms] attend
  • 7 don't miss this exciting opportunity!
    fail to take advantage of, fail to seize/grasp/take, let slip, let go/pass, forfeit, pass up, lose out on, overlook, disregard
  • 8 I left my flat early to try to miss the rush-hour traffic
    avoid, beat, evade, escape, dodge, sidestep, elude, get round, circumvent, steer clear of, give a wide berth to, find a way round, bypass, skirt, cheat, duck
    [Antonyms] get caught up in
  • 9 she loved her father and missed him when he was away
    pine for, yearn for, ache for, long for, long to see, regret the absence/loss of, feel the loss of, feel nostalgic for, need
  • 10 we did not miss the children until darkness fell
    notice the absence of, find missing
  • Phrases

    miss someone/something out

    leave out, exclude, fail to include, except, miss, miss off, fail to mention, pass over, skip
    British informal give something a miss


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  • one hit and three misses
    failure, omission, slip, blunder, error, mistake, fiasco
    informal flop
    [Antonyms] hit
  • Phrases

    give something a miss

    if you are not a fan of rock music then I would give it a miss
    avoid, keep away from, stay away from, steer clear of, circumvent, give a wide berth to, keep at arm's length, fight shy of

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    Synonyms of miss in English:



  • that little miss knows more than she lets on
    young woman, young lady, girl, schoolgirl, slip of a girl;
    nymphet, belle, baby doll;
    Scottish lassie;
    Irish colleen
    informal babe, chick, bit, doll, teenybopper
    British informal popsy, bird, bint, poppet
    North American informal broad, dame, patootie
    Irish informal mot
    Australian/New Zealand informal sheila
    dated , informal filly, baggage
    North American dated , informal bobby-soxer
    literary damsel, nymph
    archaic or humorous wench
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