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Synonyms of moderate in English:


  • 1 the club enjoyed moderate success
    average, modest, medium, middling, ordinary, common, commonplace, everyday, workaday;
    informal OK, so-so, bog-standard, fair-to-middling, (plain) vanilla, nothing to write home about, no great shakes, not so hot, not up to much
    New Zealand informal half-pie
    [Antonyms] great, massive
  • 2 moderate demands moderate prices
    reasonable, within reason, acceptable, non-excessive, within due limits;
    inexpensive, low, cheap, bargain-basement, fair, modest;
    abstemious, temperate, restrained
    [Antonyms] outrageous, unreasonable
  • 3 a man of moderate views
    dispassionate, non-extreme, middle-of-the-road, non-radical, non-reactionary, open to reason, equitable, impartial
    [Antonyms] extreme
  • 4 moderate behaviour
    restrained, controlled, temperate, sober, steady, regular, not given to excesses;
    easy, even, mild, tolerant, lenient
    [Antonyms] unreasonable, immoderate
  • verb

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  • 1 the wind has moderated
    [Antonyms] get up, increase
  • 2 you can do something to moderate the anger
    curb, control, check, keep in check, keep under control, hold in, temper, regulate, restrain, restrict, subdue;
    still, damp, repress, tame, break, lessen, deaden, decrease, lower, reduce, diminish, remit, mitigate, alleviate, allay, appease, assuage, ease, palliate, soothe, soften, calm, modulate, pacify, mellow, mince, tone down
    [Antonyms] exacerbate, aggravate
  • 3 the Speaker moderates the assembly
    chair, take the chair of, preside over;
    arbitrate, mediate, referee, judge
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