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Synonyms of monkey in English:


  • 1
    simian, primate, ape
  • 2 where have you been, you little monkey!
    rascal, imp, wretch, mischief-maker, devil, rogue
    British informal perisher
    North American informal varmint, hellion
    informal, dated rip
    British informal, dated pickle
  • Phrases

    make a monkey (out) of
    make someone look a fool, make someone look foolish, make a fool of, make a laughing stock of, ridicule, deride, make fun of, poke fun at;
    set someone up, play a trick on


    informal Back to top  


    monkey about/around
    we were just monkeying around upstairs
    fool about/around, play about/around, clown about/around, fiddle-faddle, footle about/around
    British informal muck about/around, fanny about/around
    monkey with
    don't monkey with that lock
    tamper with, fiddle with, interfere with, meddle with, tinker with, touch/handle without permission, play with, fool with, trifle with
    informal mess with, dick around with
    British informal muck about/around with

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    simian relating to monkeys
    troop collective noun
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