Synonyms of moody in English:



  • teenagers tend to get a bad name for being moody and irresponsible
    unpredictable, temperamental, emotional, volatile, capricious, changeable, mercurial, unstable, fickle, flighty, inconstant, undependable, unsteady, erratic, fitful, impulsive; sullen, sulky, morose, gloomy, glum, moping, mopey, mopish, depressed, dejected, despondent, blue, melancholic, doleful, dour, dismal, sour, saturnine, lugubrious, introspective
    informal down in the dumps, down in the mouth
    Northern English informal mardy
    informal , dated mumpish
    archaic kittle
    [Antonyms] cheerful happy equable
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