Synonyms of moon in English:



  • satellite
  • verb

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  • 1 stop mooning about and get on with some work
    waste time, fiddle, loaf, idle, mope, drift, stooge around
    British informal mooch
    North American informal lollygag, bat
  • 2 he's mooning over her photograph as if he was a schoolboy
    mope, pine, languish, brood, daydream, fantasize, be in a reverie, be in a brown study
  • Phrases

    many moons ago

    a long time ago, ages ago, years ago
    British informal donkey's years ago, yonks ago
    South African before the rinderpest

    once in a blue moon

    hardly ever, almost never, scarcely ever, rarely, very seldom

    over the moon

    informal Eve was over the moon when I broke the news
    informal on top of the world, on a high, tickled pink
    Northern English informal made up
    North American informal as happy as a clam
    Australian informal wrapped

    Word links

    lunar relating to the moon
    selenology scientific study of the moon

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