Synonyms of morbid in English:



  • 1 a morbid fascination with the horrors of contemporary warfare
    ghoulish, macabre, unhealthy, gruesome, grisly, grotesque, ghastly, horrible, unwholesome, death-obsessed
    informal sick
    [Antonyms] wholesome
  • 2 during the months leading up to my 40th birthday, I felt decidedly morbid
    gloomy, glum, sunk in gloom, melancholy, lugubrious, pessimistic, morose, given to looking on the black side, dismal, funereal, defeatist, sombre, doleful, melancholic, despondent, dejected, sad, blue, depressed, downcast, down, disconsolate, desolate, miserable, unhappy, heavy-hearted, downhearted, dispirited, in low spirits, low-spirited, low, in the doldrums
    [Antonyms] cheerful
  • 3 a morbid condition
    diseased, pathological
    [Antonyms] healthy
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