Synonyms of movement in English:



  • 1 Rachel made a sudden movement the scene was almost devoid of movement
    gesture, gesticulation, sign, signal;
    action, activity
  • 2 the movement of supplies by foreign military units
  • 3 the labour movement
    political group, party, faction, organization, grouping, wing, front, lobby, camp;
  • 4 a movement to declare war on poverty
  • 5 there have been movements in the financial markets
    development, change, fluctuation, rise, fall, variation
  • 6 the movement towards greater sexual equality
    trend, tendency, drift, swing, current, course
  • 7 he believes that some movement in the case will be made by the end of the month
    progress, progression, advance, step forward, breakthrough
  • 8 a symphony in three movements
    part, section, division, passage
  • 9 the clock's movement
    mechanism, machinery, works, workings, action, wheels, motion
    informal innards, guts
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    kinetic relating to movement
    kinetophobia fear of movement

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