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Synonyms of muddle in English:


  • 1 the papers seem to have got muddled up
    confuse, mix up, jumble, jumble up, disarrange, disorganize, disorder, disturb, throw into disorder, get into a tangle, scramble, mess up
    [Antonyms] be in (good) order
  • 2 I won't explain—it'll only muddle you
    [Antonyms] enlighten
  • Phrases

    muddle along/through
    we're muddling along as best we can


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  • 1 the files are in a bit of a muddle
    mess, confusion, jumble, tangle, clutter, hotchpotch, mishmash, mare's nest, chaos, disorder, disarray, welter, disorganization
  • 2 a bureaucratic muddle
    bungle, mix-up, misunderstanding, mistake
    informal hash, foul-up, screw-up
    British informal car crash
    North American informal snafu
    vulgar slang fuck-up
    British vulgar slang balls-up
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