Synonyms of nail in English:



  • 1
    pin, spike, tack, rivet; hobnail; Britishpanel pin, tin tack
    technical brad, sprig, clout nail, sparable
  • Phrases

    hard as nails

    calloushard-heartedheartlesswith a heart of stonestonystony-heartedunfeelingunsympatheticuncaringinsensitiveunsentimentalcold-heartedcoldhard-bittentoughunforgivinglacking compassionuncharitableinflexibleunbendingimplacableNorth American informalbadass

    on the nail

    immediatelyat oncewithout delaystraight awayright awaypromptlyon the spotdirectlynowthis minuteNorth Americanon the barrelhead


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  • 1 a large blackboard was nailed to the wall
    fasten, attach, fix, affix, secure, tack, hammer, pin, post
  • 2 informal a device which could help police to nail their suspects
    catch, capture, apprehend, arrest, take into custody, seize, take in, bring in
    informal collar, nab, pinch, cop, run in, pull in, pick up, bust
    British informal nick, nobble
  • 3 the paper's exclusive pictures had nailed the lie
    expose, reveal, uncover, unmask, bring to light, lay bare, smoke something out, unearth, detect, identify
    archaic discover
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