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Synonyms of naked in English:


  • 1 a naked woman
    French au naturel
    informal without a stitch on, in one's birthday suit, in the raw, in the altogether, in the buff, as naked as the day one was born, in the nuddy, mother naked
    British informal starkers
    Scottish informal in the scud, scuddy
    North American informal bare-assed, buck naked
    Australian informal bollocky
    British vulgar slang bollock-naked
    [Antonyms] clothed, dressed
  • 2 each man was carrying a naked sword a naked flame
    unprotected, uncovered, exposed, open, unguarded;
    unsheathed, drawn
    [Antonyms] covered, sheathed
  • 3 the naked branches of the trees
  • 4 I felt naked and exposed as I crossed the deserted square
    vulnerable, helpless, weak, powerless, defenceless, exposed, unprotected, undefended, open to attack
  • 5 the naked truth naked hostility blazed in his eyes
  • Word links

    gymno- related prefix, as in gymnosophist
    gymnophobia fear of being naked

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    naked, nude, bare
    These words are all used to refer to a person's unclothed state.Naked is the standard word for someone who isn't wearing any clothes. It also has several well-established metaphorical uses, always placed before the noun: the naked eye is unaided by a telescope or similar instrument, while a naked light bulb is not shielded or dimmed by a shade. Naked feelings or behaviour are openly expressed or at least undisguised ( he saw in her eyes naked fear | naked self-interest).Nude is slightly more formal or euphemistic than naked. It is used especially with reference to paintings and photographs of naked people ( she posed as a nude model in magazines) or to swimming and sunbathing ( nude bathing is illegal).Bare is used typically to refer to just a part of the body ( running about in bare feet). However, doing something with your bare hands implies that you are not using any tools, rather than not wearing gloves. In its metaphorical uses, bare suggests the removal of everything that is not absolutely indispensable ( the bare bones of a news story | emissions are kept to a bare minimum).
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