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neither here nor there

whether it suits the general public well-being is neither here nor there
[Antonyms] significant important
inconsequentialinsignificantunimportantof little/no importanceof little/no consequenceof little/no accountof no momentincidentalinessentialnon-essentialimmaterialirrelevantnegligibleinappreciableinconsiderableslightminortrivialtriflingpettypaltrynugatorynot worth mentioningnot worth bothering aboutnot worth speaking ofinsubstantialsillylightweight informalpiddlingfiddlingpifflingNorth American informalsmall-borepicayune

neither fish nor fowl

here's a work that is obscure only because it is neither fish nor fowlambiguousdoubtfulunclearuncertainindistinctindefiniteindeterminateopen to questiondebatablemixedneither one thing nor the other

neither one thing nor the other

Sam stands on the cusp, neither one thing nor the otherindeterminateindefiniteindistinctinsipidnondescriptneutraltonelesscolourlessdulldrabwashed outmixedneither fish nor fowl

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