Synonyms of next in English:



  • 1 we shall turn to this issue in the next chapter the first residents move in next week
    following, succeeding, to come, upcoming
    [Antonyms] previous preceding
  • 2 a brick wall separated the garden of the next house from ours
    neighbouring, adjacent, adjoining, next-door, bordering, abutting; contiguous, connected, connecting, attached; closest, nearest, proximate
  • Phrases

    next of kin

    in the case of childless couples, your next of kin are your parentsclosest relativeclosest relationnearest blood relation/relativeclosest family member

    the next world/life

    instead of offering salvation in the next world, it offers health and longevity in this one she passed into the next life a week laterthe hereafterlife after deaththe afterlifethe life to comethe afterworldthe beyondimmortalityeternityheavenparadise


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  • people argued about where to go next
    then, after this/that, following that/this, after, afterwards, after that time, later, at a later time, subsequently, at a subsequent time
    [Antonyms] before
  • Phrases

    next to

    she sat down next to a window
    [Antonyms] away from
    besidenext door toalongsideby/at the side ofabreast ofbyadjacent tocheek by jowl withside by side withclose tonearnearest toneighbouringadjoiningabuttingconnected toconnecting withcontiguous withattached to

    next to nothing

    the market for ponies is poor and they fetch next to nothing the museum says next to nothing about the region's unique culture and historyvery small sumpittancetrifleflea-bitetrifling sumdrop in the oceaninsignificant sumderisory sumpaltry sumsmall changepencehardly anythingvery littlethe bare minimum informalpeanutschicken feedpiddling amountshoestringNorth American informalchump changeSouth African informaltickey

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