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Synonyms of nod in English:


  • 1 all she could do was nod her head
    incline, bob, bow, dip, wag, duck
  • 2 he nodded to me to start
  • 3 even Homer nods
    make a mistake, be mistaken, be in error, be wrong, be incorrect, get something wrong, make an error, make a slip, err, trip up, stumble;
    be careless, be inattentive, be negligent
    informal slip up
  • Phrases

    nod off
    the audience began to nod off
    [Antonyms] stay awake
    North American informal sack out, zone out


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  • 1 at a nod from the manager, she dimmed the lights
    signal, indication, sign, cue;
  • 2 he greeted Ivan with a quick nod of his head
    inclination, bob, bow, dip, duck;
    greeting, acknowledgement
  • Phrases

    get the nod
    Clarke got the nod, and really proved himself during the series
    be selected, be chosen, be picked, make the grade;
    British  be capped
    Australian informal get a guernsey
    give someone/something the nod
  • 1 Ronny Johnsen was given the nod in preference to David May
    select, choose, pick, go for;
    British  cap
  • 2 the chances are that the Lords will give the treaty the nod
    approve, agree to, sanction, ratify, endorse, say yes to, give one's approval to, rubber-stamp
    informal give something the go-ahead, give something the green light, OK, give something the OK, give something the thumbs up
    [Antonyms] reject
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