Synonyms of none in English:



  • 1 none of the fish are unusual
    not one, not a one
    [Antonyms] all many some
  • 2 none of this concerns me
    no part, not a part, not a bit, not any
    [Antonyms] all some
  • 3 none of these five-year-olds could read at that stage none can know better than you
    not one, not a one, never a one, not a soul, not a single person, no one, nobody, no man
    [Antonyms] all many some
  • adverb

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    none the …

    the family wrote to the Home Secretary for information but were left none the wiser
    [Antonyms] much
    not at allnot a bitnot the slightest bitin no wayto no extentby no means anynot for a moment

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