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Synonyms of note in English:


  • 1 she took out her diary and made a note of the time of the meeting
    record, account, entry, item, notation, minute, jotting, inscription;
    informal memo
  • 2 (notes) he may be asked to take notes of the meeting
    minutes, records, jottings, report, account, commentary, transcript, proceedings, transactions;
    observations, impressions, details, data;
    synopsis, precis, summary, sketch, outline
    informal deets
  • 3 there were some notes scribbled in the margins
  • 4 he dropped me a note the day he left
    message, communication, letter, missive, epistle, line;
  • 5British a £20 note
    North American  bill, greenback
    North American or historical Treasury note
    archaic flimsy
    (notespaper money
  • 6 only two developments are worthy of note
  • 7 he was a composer of considerable note
  • 8 there was a note of hopelessness in her voice
    tone, intonation, inflection, sound, hint, indication, sign, element, streak, strain, vein, suggestion, suspicion
  • verb

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  • 1 we shall be delighted to note your suggestion
    bear in mind, be mindful of, consider, observe, take into account/consideration, take note of, listen to;
    heed, take notice of, pay attention to, take in, pay regard to, be guided by
    [Antonyms] ignore, disregard
  • 2 a final communiqué noted the ministers' concern
    mention, make mention of, refer to, allude to, touch on, hint at, indicate, point out, make known, state
  • 3 you had better note the date in your diary
    put in writing, put down on paper, commit to paper, put in black and white
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