Synonyms of number in English:



  • 1
    character, symbol;
    whole number, decimal number, decimal, unit;
    Roman number, Arabic number
    rare cipher
  • 2 they received a large number of complaints the number of accidents involving cyclists has increased
    total, sum total, aggregate, tally;
  • 3 the men were celebrating the wedding of one of their number
    informal gang, tribe
  • 4 a copy of the current number of the Society's quarterly magazine
    printing, imprint, impression, publication
  • 5 in the background she could hear the band performing another number
    song, piece of music, musical item, piece, tune, track;
    turn, item, routine, sketch, dance, act
  • Phrases

    a number of

    there are a number of reasons why many crimes are not reported to the police
    several, various, quite a few, sundry, diverse
    literary divers

    number-one, number one

    heart disease is the number-one cause of death product knowledge is number one in this business
    [Antonyms] secondary, subordinate
    primary, main, chief, key, prime, central, principal, overriding, foremost, first, most important, predominant, paramount, major, ruling, dominant, master, supreme, cardinal, pre-eminent, ultimate
    informal top-notch

    looking after number one

    members are selfish and are looking after number one


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  • 1 visitors to the cathedral numbered more than 2.25 million last year
  • 2 he numbers the editor of Vogue among his close friends
    include, count;
  • 3 each paragraph is numbered consecutively
    assign a number to, categorize by number, specify by number, mark with a number;
    itemize, enumerate
  • 4 the number of published texts on the subject may be numbered on the fingers of both hands he numbers the fleet at a thousand
    count, add up, total, calculate, compute, enumerate, reckon, tell, tally;
    British tot up
  • 5 his days are numbered
    limit, limit in number, restrict, fix
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