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Synonyms of obedient in English:


  • Lucinda had always been very obedient
    [Antonyms] disobedient, rebellious, unruly
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    obedient, biddable, docile, compliant, dutiful
    Children and animals may be expected to be obedient, but nowadays the word is seldom used to describe adults without an implication of subservience ( ‘I was waiting for you to tell me. The obedient wife,’ she said) except when it is used of obedience to rules, the law, or a faith ( she seeks to be obedient to the Lord).The critical note is still stronger in biddable: a biddable person (typically a woman or girl) is excessively meek and ready to obey any instruction, without questioning either its wisdom or the authority of the person giving it ( she'd been so meek, so biddable to this man). It is also used of animals ( the golden retriever is both biddable and intelligent).Docile, being used more commonly of animals, has similar implications, but in addition to unquestioning obedience it suggests a general reluctance to complain or rebel, even where such behaviour would be justified ( employers depended on the regime for a cheap and docile workforce).Compliant means ‘disposed to agree with others or obey rules’ and typically has a disparaging tone, criticising the compliant person for not having the willpower to stand up for themselves and show some independence by expressing their own views ( compliant MPs loyally following party policy).Even dutiful, though applied to a large extent to family members (daughter, son, wife, parent, mother, father), may suggest a dull but worthy individual or the perfunctory fulfilment of an obligation ( a dutiful postcard to his mother).
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