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  • 1 the large hall is lit by an opening in the centre of the roof
    hole, gap, aperture, space, orifice, vent, slot, window, crack, slit, gash, split, fissure, perforation, cleft, crevice, cut, incision, rent, cavity, cranny, groove, chink, eye, mouth; loophole, spyhole, peephole, judas; interstice; Medicinehiatus, foramen
  • 2 she was still heading towards the dark opening in the wall
    doorway, gateway, portal, way, entrance, entry, entryway, means of entry, way in, entrée, access, means of access, exit, egress, way out
  • 3 United created openings but were unable to score
    opportunity, chance, favourable time/occasion/moment, right set of circumstances, moment, occasion, window (of opportunity), possibility, turn, time
    informal break, lucky break, shot
  • 4 I'm looking for an opening with a stockbroker
    vacancy, position, job, opportunity
  • 5 the opening of the session had been repeatedly postponed
    beginning, start, outset, inception, launch, birth, dawn; introduction, preliminary, preface, prelude, foreword, preamble, prefatory remarks, opening statement, opening remarks, prologue
    informal kick-off
    formal commencement
    [Antonyms] closure close end termination
  • 6 he crashes gallery openings for a bite of smoked salmon
    opening ceremony, official opening, launch, initiation, inauguration, institution, foundation, establishment, setting up, formation, constitution, opening night, premiere, first night, first showing; private view, vernissage
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