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  • 7 winning the order would mean about £60 million worth of work for the company
    commission, purchase order, request, requisition, demand, call; booking, reservation, application


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in order

  • 1 list the points you intend to cover and put them in order
    in sequence, in alphabetical order, in numerical order, in order of priority, in order of merit, in order of seniority

of the order of

the reduction was of the order of 11 percent
[Antonyms] precisely
roughlyapproximatelyaboutaroundjust aboutround aboutor soor thereaboutsmore or lessin the neighbourhood ofin the region ofin the area ofin the vicinity ofsomething likeor thereaboutsgive or take (a few)in round numbersrounded up/downnear toclose tonearlynot far offalmostapproachingBritishgetting on forLatincirca informalpushingas near as dammitNorth American informalin the ballpark of archaicnigh

the order of the day

spectacle is the order of the day for many younger artists predominantprevalentcurrentcustomaryestablishedcommonwidespreadpreponderantin forcein effectpopular informalthe in thing

out of order


order someone about/around

tell someone what to dogive orders toboss about/aroundbullylord it overdictate toride roughshod overdominatedomineerbrowbeatthrow one's weight about/aroundlay down the law informalpush about/around

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